Summer 99 Project

Motorhome Storage Building

Preparation July 99

Removed several trees and quite a growth of brush. Had almost 300 yards of gravel fill brought in.

Digging Footings

Charley brought home from work this cute little #2 shovel saver.

Concrete Pour 7/27/99

And Yes the Rains came Down

And the Rains Came Down

The concrete pour was the beginning of summer rains. We took a break and went to Kaswitna for some fishing while we awaited the building arrival. And yes it was pouring 08/25/99 when I made three trips into Anchorage to pick it up with my summer 98 project. The Trailer I built.

Sept.99 Put down the base angle and assembled five of the seven sections that make up the Arche, assembled twenty two Arches.

Was in no hurry, Troy was working out of town and was not expected home until middle of Oct.

And Yes it continued to Rain and Rain. Think the webs on my feet grew some more.
10/17/99 Four Arches UP

10/24/99 Eleven Arches UP

Arches Erected 10/30/99

Now to square up the last half of the building and get the many bolts tight. Today we had a full crew of six and erected 11 arches.

Roof bolts 11/7/99

Troy with a harness and safty rope puts the final roof bolts through the arches. From the inside I put on the nuts and hold them while Troy tightens the bolts with an air ratchat.

Out of The Weather 11/14/99

Finished for Now 11/22/99

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