Colins First Limit

Granson Week

Chat Friend Shari NV

Shari's Catch

Now What?

Fish Processed, Work Done

Small Chinook Salmon (King)

Smoker I built at the Cabin Site

Salmon, 8 Coho's (Silvers) & 3 Pink's (Humpy's)

4 smoked Sivers ready to can & Fishermans Gold (Eggs)

Sarita Washing Jars

Filling Jars (Yummy)

Fishing 2001

Due to my injury 05-14 I found myself on extra light duty. No fishing allowed until 06-14, then with some major resrictions. Only to fish from a boat and no netting are handleing anything over ten lbs.. Sarita was very concerned about me going out King fishing, I pleaded that my fishing buddy Rus would do my heavywork. Went out 06-16 0600, hooked a small King was no problem bringing in. Then hooked a 33 #er, different story had a workout getting it to the boat so Rus could net. After preparing the fish for smoking I was really worn out. Decided I would back off and rest instead of going out again for a bit.

Fishing 08/04/01

Our Supper, 20 inch Rainbow

Fishing Buddy Buzz

Son-In- Law Troy

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