Subject: A great letter

GOOD BYE TO MR. PRESIDENT Whether you love him or hate this
"letter," it's too good to pass by. Hate it as you may, but you can't
arguewith this letter to the President. This needed to be said a long time
Eric Jowers, a retired Army Officer, who served as public affairs officer
at Fort Rucker from 1989 to 1991, wrote this letter. He now lives in Ozark,

Dear Mr. President:

It's not about sex. If it were about sex, you would be long gone.
Just like a doctor, attorney or teacher who had sex with a patient, client
or student half his age, you would have violated the ethics of your office
and would be long gone. Just like a Sergeant Major of the Army, Gene McKinney,
who though found not guilty, was forced to resign amid accusations of sexual

Remember the Air Force General you wouldn't nominate to be Chairman of the joint
Joint Chiefs of Staff because he freely admitted to an affair almost15 years
before, while he and his wife were separated? Unlike you, he wasnever accused of
having a starry-eyed office assistant my daughter's age perform oral sex on him
while he was on the phone and his wife and daughter were upstairs.

If it were about sex, you should be subjected to the same horrible hearings
that Clarence Thomas was subjected to because of the accusations of Anita Hill.
The only accusation then was that he talked dirty to her; he didn't even leave semen
stains on her dress. No, it's not about sex.

It's about character. It's about lying. It's about arrogance. It's about abuse of

It's about dodging the draft and lying about it. When caught in a lie by letters you
wrote, you concocted a story that nobody believed. But we excused it and looked away.
It's about smoking dope, and lying about it. "I didn't inhale" you said. Sure, and when
I was 15 and mybuddies and I swiped a beer from an unwatched refrigerator, we drank from
it, but we didn't swallow. "I broke no laws of the United States," you said. That's
right, you smoked dope in England or Norway or Moscow; where you were demonstrating against
the U.S.A. You lied, but we excused it and looked away.

It's about you selling overnight stays in the White House to any foreigner or other
contributor with untraceable cash. It's about Whitewater and Jim and Susan McDonald
and Arkansas, GOV. Jim Guy Tucker and Vincent Foster and Jennifer Flowers and Paula
Jones and Karen Willey and nearly countless others. It's about stealing the records
from Foster's office while his body was still warm and putting them in your bedroom and
"not noticing them" for two years. It's about illegal political contributions.
It's about you and Al Gore soliciting contributions and selling influence at Buddhist
temples and in the same Oval Office where Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt led their
countries through the dark days of wars that threatened the very existence of our nation.
But we excused you and looked away. It's about hiding evidence from Ken Starr, refusing to
testify, filing legal motions, coaching witnesses, obstructing justice and delaying Judge
Starr's inquiry for months and years, and then complaining that it has gone on too long.
The polls agreed. Thank goodness that Judge Star didn't read the polls, play politics or
excuse you and look away. He held on to the evidence like a tenacious bulldog. Your
supporters say that you've confessed your wrong doings and asked for our forgiveness.

Listen, what you said on TV the night you testified to the grand jury was not a confession;
overwhelming evidence is not a confession at all. Not that it would make a lot of
difference. A murderer who contritely confesses his crime is still a murderer. When your
"confession" didn't sell, even to your friends, you became more forthcoming. Maybe
someday,you'll confess more, but probably not.

You've established such a pattern of lying that we can't believe you anymore. Neither can
your cabinet, the Congress or any of the leaders of the nations of the world. When a
leader's actions defame and emasculate our country as profoundly as yours have, it's no
longer a personal matter, as you claim. It's no longer a matter between you, your family
and your God.

By the way, I don't believe for a minute that Hillary was unaware of your sexual

No, it's not about sex, Mr. President. If it were, you would be long gone.
It's about character; but we have to live with your filth, lies and arrogance for a while
longer. Your lies, amorality and lack of haracter have been as pervasive as they have
been despicable, so we have no reason to believe that you will quietly resign and go away.
You'll count on half truths and spin doctors to see you through, the country be damned.
It has always worked before. We excused you and looked the other way.

No more, we've had enough. You betrayed us enough. You have made every elected official,
minister, teacher, diplomat, parent and grandparent in the country apologize for you and
explain away your actions.

Now go away, and let us show them that our country was not without morals. It was just that
you were. Let us show them that America was not the problem. William Jefferson Clinton

Go away, Mr. President. Leave us alone. And when you leave, know that your legacy to the
United States of America will be a stain on the Office of the President that is as filthy
as the stain on Monica's dress. It will take a lot of scrubbing to make it clean again.
I hope we the people of the United States never look the other way again.

Recieved these next two items several times. (thanks)

Military courtesy change

I picked up on something very funny this morning. CNN showed George
W. leaving HM-1. The marine at the front step saluted, GW returned
it, and as he walked away, the marine executed a right face to stand
facing GW's back...something that was missing in eight years of the
Clinton presidency.

The traditional Marine Corps mark of respect was rendered to the new
president. That one goes back to the days in the rigging, when the
marine orderly to the ship's captain always faced him, no matter his
direction of movement, to be ready to receive an order.

Who says that enlisted men can't hold back when they don't respect
someone? ...And for eight years, they did.
The subtlety of it is elegant
front of the whole world.

Think about it!

This says above story is not rue but it made a GREAT story!

Subject: Clinton

A man went to the White House last week and asked to see President Clinton.
The Marine on duty told the guy that Clinton isn't President, please leave.
The man goes away. The next day he comes back to the White Houseand asks to
see President Clinton. The marine on duty tells the guy that Clinton is not
President, please go away.
The man goes away. The next day he comes back again, and again the same Marine
is on duty. The man asks to see President Clinton and the Marine says,
The man smiles happily and says,


After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six and injured 1,000; President Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S. sailors; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

Maybe if Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 7,000 people in New York and Washington, D.C. that are now dead would be Alive today.


This question was raised on a Philly radio call-in show. Without casting stones, it is a legitimate question.

There are two men, both extremely wealthy.
One develops relatively cheap software and gives billions of dollars to charity. The other sponsors terrorism.

That being the case, why is it that the Clinton Administration spent more money chasing down Bill Gates over the past eight years than Osama bin Laden?

It is a strange turn of events. Hillary gets $8 Million for her forthcoming memoir. Bill gets about $12 Million for his memoir yet to be written. This from two people who have spent the past 8 years being unable to recall anything about past events while under oath! Incredible!

THIS "IS" LEADERSHIP, RESPECT, AND CLASS..........................

On Friday, 11/30/2001 President Bush was walking toward Marine One walking one of the Family Dogs. The Dog became difficult and the President responded by bending over and picking the pooch up. All the while the Marine Sergeant stood at attention and saluted. As the President and dog walked up the ramp into Marine One, the Sergeant cut his salute. The President gave the dog to the First Lady, turned back down the ramp, tapped the Marine on the Shoulder and Saluted him. What an awesome sign of respect from the President to a Marine NCO.

Do you think that draft dodging, women chasing, lying, scumbag Bubba would have ever done that?! I doubt Hillary would have let him.

There is a down side to this, the Marine lost his bearing and smiled while at the position of attention. I am sure he was shocked by the Commander in Chief's action and this was an involuntary reaction. I am sure his 1stSgt counseled him on it.

God Bless America and Victory to her Marines Semper Fidelis Sgt Rick Moriarty Leader of Marines

Remember when Bill Clinton went to the North Korea-South Korea Demilitarized Zone? As you can see above, he was looking into binoculars through the lens caps. What is amazing is that he knew obviously that the lens caps were on, but he had to fake it, because to be seen taking the lens cap off after having had the binoculars to his eyes would have not been a good photo-op, and Clinton lives and dies by the photo-op. So the guy just continued to stand there and look through those binocs with the lens caps on!

Well, on Tuesday night, almost ten years after the Clinton trip, President George W. Bush visited the DMZ - and he got it right. Bush looked through the binoculars with the lens caps off. We posted both pictures on the homepage prior to the show's kickoff, and if you visited us (as you should throughout the day to see if we've added any important tidbits), you saw this A-B, side-by-side comparison.

As you look at this striking comparison, keep in mind that we're told that one of these two people is a brilliant Rhodes Scholar - even though he never completed the course of studies. Keep in mind that we're told that one guy is smarter than the rest of the room, and that we were fortunate just to have had somebody with this intellect leading us. Yet that's the guy with the lens caps on his binoculars!

The other guy? He's said to be a frat boy idiot who doesn't even know where he is when he's at the DMZ. But he has the lens caps off. It's enough to make you question the media templates of Bush as a dope and Clinton as a genius - at least, we hope it is.

Prosecutors had enough evidence to charge Clinton, report says

By PETE YOST, Associated Press WASHINGTON (March 6, 8:06 a.m. AST) - Prosecutors had ample evidence for criminal charges against President Clinton in the scandal involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a final report by Independent Counsel Robert Ray concluded Wednesday. "The independent counsel's judgment that sufficient evidence existed to prosecute President Clinton was confirmed by President Clinton's admissions," the report stated. "President Clinton admitted he 'knowingly gave evasive and misleading answers"' about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

It wasn't until Clinton's next-to-last day in office that he finally put the investigation of allegations of perjury and obstruction in the Lewinsky matter behind him.

The president's lawyers cut a deal with Ray that spared Clinton from criminal charges in the Lewinsky controversy. The president admitted that he had made false statements under oath about his relationship with the former White House intern and surrendered his law license for five years.

The report stated that "President Clinton engaged in conduct that impeded the due administration of justice by testifying falsely under oath ... that he could not recall ever being alone with Monica Lewinsky; and he had not had a sexual affair or engaged in sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky."

In response to the report, Clinton attorney David Kendall issued a brief statement: "The investigation of President Clinton from 1994 to 2001 was intense, expensive, partisan and long. There's still no Whitewater report, and there's nothing new in this report. It's time to move on."

Ray's report was released by a three-member panel of federal appeals court judges who appointed Ray and his predecessor, Kenneth Starr, to investigate the president and the first lady in 1994.

The independent counsel's report on the perjury and obstruction probe involving Clinton and Lewinsky is to be followed soon by Ray's last report, on Whitewater. It involves the business partnership of Clinton and now-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton with the owners of a failing Arkansas savings and loan in the 1980s.

Starr's investigation of possible perjury and obstruction by the president regarding his sexual relationship with Lewinsky led to the impeachment crisis that threatened Clinton's presidency and resulted in serious political damage to his second term in office.

Clinton was impeached by the House, but the Senate acquitted him. Senators split 50-50 on an obstruction of justice charge and voted 55-45 to acquit the president of perjury. The congressional battle followed up the detailed findings of Starr that there was "substantial and credible information ... that may constitute grounds for impeachment."

The Lewinsky controversy grew out of a sexual harassment lawsuit by former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones. Testifying in the lawsuit, Clinton denied having sex with Lewinsky and said he didn't recall being alone with her.

The criminal investigation of Clinton in the Lewinsky matter began in January 1998. Former White House employee Linda Tripp, a friend of Lewinsky, turned over to Starr secretly taped phone calls in which the ex-intern confided her relationship with Clinton. The tapes contradicted Clinton's sworn testimony in the Jones case, which the president gave just days after Tripp had turned the tapes over to Starr.

The sequence - first turning over the tapes, then Clinton testifying in the Jones case - led Clinton and his defenders to accuse Starr's office of setting a perjury trap for the president.

Starr's prosecutors and the FBI looked into whether Clinton had tried to silence Lewinsky by getting presidential friend Vernon Jordan to find a job for her. Besides opening doors for her job-hunting efforts, Jordan arranged to hire a Washington lawyer for Lewinsky so that she could file an affidavit in the Jones case. In the affidavit, she denied having had a sexual relationship with Clinton.

When Lewinsky eventually agreed to cooperate with investigators in the summer of 1998, she turned over a stained blue dress from an encounter with Clinton, making it impossible for the president to deny a sexual relationship. Lab tests showed Clinton's DNA on the garment.

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